Subliminal Hypnosis

So much research has been done about subliminal hypnosis and subliminal programming over the years. Here at the Complete Mind Therapy Institute we are experts at positive life change through the use of combined modalities.

What Exactly Is Subliminal Programming?

Subliminal programming is specifically designed to get information to the subconscious level of the mind without it being detected by the conscious mind. To better understand how the mind works there are two levels of the mind that we will discuss.

  1. The Conscious Mind -and
  2. The Subconscious Mind


The Conscious Mind

The function of the cnscious mind is to deal with what is happening in the present, the here and now so to speak. Although the conscious mind only makes up about 5% of the mind, it dominates over the subconscious mind. As the mind’s present feature it is primarily concerned with the present. In other words the conscious is the current conversation, this article you are readung, etc. The conscious mind also acts as a filter of the subconscious mind. The guard to the doorway to the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is often resistant to change in our lives because it is content in the present situations.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind as its name implies is subordinate or sub to the conscious mind. The subconscious mind of course is about 95% of the mind and is responsible for storing and retrieving every experience that we have ever experienced throughout our lives. If we were to explain it as a computer which our mind is often referred to as the most awesome computer in existence. The subconscious mind is the playground for change.

Anything that you desire to change in your life can be changed and the most effective means of change is to change the perception you hold in your mind about the situation. The subconscious mind can not reason fantasy from reality, and if you plant a idea into the subconscious mind the subconscious then begins to work to facilitate the desired change.

Dealing with the subconscious can be done effectively by means of such modalities as hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, affirmations, an visualization.

Subliminal Messages in Advertising

The concept of subliminal advertising was first introduced back in the 1950’s, 1957 to be exact. A gentleman by the name of James Vicary claimed to have introduced subliminal messages into a movie that was playing at a New Jersey movie house. He also claimed that these messages that were inserted between framse of the movie flashed on the screen so quickly that the human conscious did not see them, but the eyes and the subconscious did. It was not possible for the conscious mind to process the information.

So what did these inserted frames actually say and what effect did they allegedly have on the movie goers? Well the messages that Vicary allegedly inserted into the film were:

  • Hungry? Eat popcorn. and
  • Drink Coca Cola

These messages flashed so quickly that

It was displayed so fast thatWe people never consciously could notice them.


The Vicary Fraud

James Vicary had perpetrated a huge fraud. Or did he? He later claimed that the whole thing was a hoax an he had made it all up. But I am not quite sure I really believe that claim. People are often motivated to claim things that are not necessarily true especially about a subject that would be as controversial as mind control.


Is Subliminal Programming Mind Control

Well, if someone can get you to do something that you would not have necessarily done, such as in the Vicary sitaution as go to the concession stand and buy popcorn or a soda, well then the answer would have to be a resounding “YES”

But mind control has been practiced subtly in advertising for years, Every commercial on television, every advertisement in print media is in fact an example of mind control.

Years ago I saw an advertisement in a magazine. It was a travel agents ad, or was it? Let me share the layout with you here.

It was a pull out ad, which the advertiser had obviously spent a pretty penny on, it was a picture of a scene with a rugged looking cowboy sitting on top of his horse, looking over a herd of cattle. This subliminally suggests everything the avareage guy truly desires. To be free and adventurous. It is a beautiful landscape, a scene that anyone woul want to experience.

Yet in the very corner of the ad it said simply four words, and without those four words you would never have known what was being sold. But the four words were, “Come to Marlboro Country”

Yup it was not a travel agency ad, but an advertisement to sell Marlboro brand cigarettes.

Or maybe while you were watching the Super Bowl this past February you may have noticed one of the

When Hypnosis Meets Subliminal

Hypnosis and subliminal walk hand in hand here at the Complete Mind Therapy Institute. As our name implies we employ any and all modalities in our treatment programs. It is of course our desire to help our clients to achieve their objectives by whatever means necessary.

By combining such things as hypnosis and subliminal programming we are able to first through the hypnosis plant the suggestions of change directly passed the conscious mind into the subconscious mind, and by combining the heypnosis with subliminal recordings that reinforce that desired change we multipy the effectiveness of the treatment.

Although subliminal programming can be one in a variety of ways the two most popular mathods are verbally by recording positive affirmations and masking them just below the level of conscious awareness with over tones of music or other sounds, and the second most popular is very similar to the method employed in the Vicary experimant mentioned above,I personally use a program that flashes the positive affirmations that I have chosen to flash on my computer screen while I work online. The flashes are not noticable to the human eye but are recorded by the subconscious mind and acted upon.

I have personally studied the use of Subliminal programming for years since i was first exposed to it in the early 1980’s. And have used it in my own life since that time.

If you have found this post interesting, or entertaining why not leave a comment below, we love to hear from our readers.





I Was Just Asked, Can You Get Hypnotized Online?

With the evolution of technology it is no big surprise that someone would eventually ask can you be hypnotized online?

Well, the answer is Yes, you can be hypnotized online, but let’s take the discussion one step further. You can be hypnotized not only online but you can also be hypnotized on the phone, as a matter of fact you can be hypnotized in any form of communication.

More and more is being learned about hypnosis each an every day.  Although hypnosis has been practiced for many years

Conscious Mind vs Subconscious Mind

The Battle of the Minds


There is a raging battle that is ongoing within our minds all of the time. The two primary elements of our mind that we are going to discuss in this post are the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. So the purpose of this post is to differentiate the two for better understanding as they are related to hypnosis

The Conscious Mind

This conscious mind is the part of your mind that has to figure things out with its limited abilities.  It is about 5% of your total mind consciously, and even the genius Albert Einstein it is estimated used only about 6% of his mind, so you are not too far behind the great Einstein.

The conscious mind is the part of the mind that sometimes has a hard time chewing gum and walking at the same time.

The conscious mind is as I like to define it as “the here and now.” Our short-term memory, it’s logical, analyzes things, and is a creature of habit, it is, however, self-aware and the decision maker. It is the part of the mind that is “in charge”. It is the BOSS!

In order for us to make any positive changes in our lives and to become mentally fit you must be consciously aware of the need for change, you must be motivated to change, and you must believe that you can achieve the goal. For example, we know that getting our body into shape involves far more than merely thinking about going to the gym. We must make the trek to the gym and we must follow a workout routine. Well, our mental fitness calls for the same level of dedication. So, in order for us to make these positive changes, the process of hypnosis is often utilized to bypass the negative conscious mind and bring the suggestions of the desired results directly to the subconscious mind.

As I stated the conscious mind is the boss and it is in charge, it can often sabotage our efforts to change because of its desire to maintain the status quo. For example, we want to lose weight, and we start attempting to convince ourselves that we want to lose the weight, and the conscious mind starts reasoning that it is quite content the way it is and that we are attempting to starve ourselves.

Yes, that little old 5% is the Boss and it is in complete control, and in that case, it would, in fact, sabotage our wishes and our desire to lose the weight. But there is hope, and that is why I am writing this post.


The Subconscious Mind

Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious mind comprises nearly 95% of our mind. But it is innocent and naive. Even though it is equated to the most powerful computer ever made. It is capable of running multiple tasks simultaneously, it does not judge us, criticize us, analyze or reject what we attempt to do. It acts quickly but often acts improperly. It is unfortunately unaware. It does not understand nor have a sense of humor and takes everything literally.

The purpose of the subconscious mind is to react immediately to the commands that are given to it from the conscious mind and rely on its decision-making capabilities completely. The subconscious mind is subject to the conscious mind hence the name sub-conscious or below the conscious.

The subconscious mind, however, wants to help us as much as possible and it tries to help in the best way it knows how. However being on the intelligence level of a four or five-year-old child many times does not help us the proper way as it simply is not aware of how to help, and needs to be directed. But fear not because there is help.

Once something becomes familiar to us, it becomes part of the subconscious mind. We do so many things subconsciously each day that we do not even realize. Here are some examples of things that we do subconsciously every day.





just to name a few, you see the subconscious is the storehouse of the brain, once you have experienced something it is forever retained in the subconscious mind.

For example I want to ask you a question.

Ready, here goes.


Have You Experienced Your First Kiss?

Now that may seem like a ridiculous question to some, but let me explain why this most basic question is so important to understanding the workings of the subconscious mind.

If you have indeed experienced your first kiss, when you read that question most likely an image appeared in your mind, an image of the other person with whom you shared that experience. Now that experience could have been last week, last month, last year, or twenty or thirty years ago. It does not matter, because when I asked the question it was worded in a way that was very specific. “Your First Kiss” of course you can have many first kisses in many different relationships, but you can only have one “First Kiss”.


The Subconscious Mind Sees, Hears, Smells, Tastes, and Feels Everything You Experience in Your Life

The subconscious mind. collects all of our life’s experiences, it always hears, and experiences everything that is passed through to it by our five major senses, more importantly, it always pays attention and is anxiously awaiting instructions on how to help us in the proper way. As I stated earlier on the subconscious is always desiring to help us. And we can program that subconscious mind by means of hypnosis.


As information is gathered into the subconscious mind it is classified and stored for later use, after all, you never know when someone is going to come along and ask you about your “first kiss” and being such a momentous event in your life you would never want to forget that now would you?

But we can program our subconscious mind so that we can accomplish just about anything we desire to accomplish in our lives. This is done with hypnotic suggestion whether delivered by a hypnotist during a hypnotherapy session or delivered through self-induced hypnosis. Either way, once that suggestion is planted into the subconscious mind it does not know the difference between reality and perception, so if we give it an assignment it simply goes to work to accomplish its objectives.

I hope that you have found this post to be informative, or at the very least entertaining. If you have why not leave us a comment below? We would really appreciate your feedback.





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Finding the Best Script for Your Hypnosis Practice

Finding the Best Script for Your Hypnosis Practice

The success of any hypnotist lies in their ability to help their clients get the desired results.

After all, if someone comes to you to be hypnotized and they don’t get the results that they originally desired then not only are they going to be dissatisfied but they could very well tell people of their less than phenomenal success using your service and that is not the type of advertising that you want, especially as a new practitioner.

Now throughout these pages, we will be giving some remarkable tips and tricks to build your new hypnosis practice, after all, your success becomes our success.

The Proof is in the Script

The good news is that you do not have to be a great writer to gain access to some incredibly effective scripts for your hypnosis practice. That is why I have chosen to do this review of Hypnotic World. I have personally used this service for many years to develop numerous custom hypnosis scripts.

Choose from over 1000 professionally-written hypnotherapy scripts from the experienced hypnotherapists at Hypnotic World. Click an script to view more information and view:
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Chocolate Addiction
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Company: Hypnotic World

Hypnosis Scripts, Downloads, and Training since 2000

Overall Review

                       5 Star Rated

Product Description

Based out of the UK Hypnotic World is an incredible resource for all of your hypnosis script needs. Now please understand that any person in the practice of hypnosis should always adapt scripts for their own use. But the folks at Hypnotic World have assembled over 1,150 scripts for just about every imaginable situation that a hypnotist could find themselves in.

By simply joining the service you can review as many scripts as you want and can even download up to 10 scripts per day directly to you own computer in a word document or pdf for your quick and handy modifications.

There is no need to recreate the wheel here, the folks at Hypnotic World have done all the heavy lifting for you.

Pros & Cons

There are numerous advantages to a membership at Hypnotic World. As a matter of fact, far too numerous to mention. But if you have ever found yourself drawing a blank when trying to write a script for a client’s session then you know just how frustrating that can be.  But with the extensive resources available within Hypnotic World, you need not ever worry about that again.

As far as the cons, I really cannot think of a single one.  The quality of the scripts is exceptional and all can be easily adapted to your private practice.


Monthly Membership Fee is $12.99 and once you have downloaded the script of your choice you own it but it should as I stated always be reviewed an adapted for your own use in your private practice. And the ability to download an average of 300 scripts per month makes that a terrific bargain. Imagine paying less than 5 cents per script in your professional arsenal.


Hypnosis is not really a field that is backed by guarantees, although some would wish that it was, but Hypnotic World offers the next best thing. Monthly memberships, and if at any time you are not satisfied with the membership simply cancel and you will not be billed any further.

Benefits of Membership

  • You gain member access to the over 1,150 downloadable professionally written hypnosis scripts, including inductions, deepeners, and therapy scripts.
  • You get to join the Therapist Community where you can browse fascinating discussions in Hypnotic World’s lively hypnosis forums. Post your own queries and comments, and share your experiences with other hypnotherapists. Join in discussions on individual issues and scripts, and track replies to your posts in the members’ area. Additionally, members receive specialist advice on client issues from a qualified, experienced hypnotherapist via email.
  • You get a 10% member discount on any prerecorded professional scripts
  • Access Expert Guides and Feature Articles on a variety of hypnosis related subjects.
  • You get access to background music and sound effects which are so important to any hypnosis practice.
    Stream relaxing tracks to accompany your client sessions

What Some of Their Customers Are Saying

Heck, don’t just take my word for it. See what others have to say.

So, if you are a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist a membership in Hypnotic World just makes sense. So JOIN TODAY

Ho’Oponopono Process Review

The Truth Behind Ho’Oponopono Process

Being a professional hypnotist and life coach I am always interested in any modality that will help my clients to achieve their desired results in life. It is that desire that led me to the study of the ancient Hawaiian Modality of Ho’oponopono.

I was first introduced to Ho’oponopono when I came across a seminar of sorts that was being produced by Dr. Joe Vitale which was also introducing me to Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. You may have heard of Joe Vitale as he was one of the stars in the movie, “The Secret” which discussed the concept of the Law of Attraction. But I bet Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len is unknown to many of you.

But the story of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and his use of Ho’oponopono truly amazed me. You see, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len worked in a mental health facility for the criminally insane in Hawaii, and cured a whole ward of patients while never physically treating any one of them. Truly Amazing and he did it all through the use of Ho’oponopono.

Overall Rank

FIVE STARS and in all honesty, if I had a higher ranking it would justify that as well.

Product Description

The course consists of the Guide Book and eight video modules.

Ho’oponopono Certification Guide Book

  • Unlocking the Power of Ho’oponopono
  • Traditional Ho’oponopono Practice
  • Who Was Morrnah Simenoa
  • Modern Ho’oponopono One-Step Further
  • The World’s Most Unusual Therapist
  • Video Instruction
  • Zero Limits Answer Guide
  • What’s the Right Way to Clean?

Video 1 – Your Introduction to Ho’oponopono

  • The 4 Phase Mantra
  • Vitale’s Personal Experience
  • Building a Foundation for Practice
  • Introduction from Dr. Hew Len
  • Healing Without Seeing Patients
  • Working On Yourself to Help Others Heal
  • And Much More!

Digital Download Only!

Video 2 – Zero and the “Void”

  • 3 States You Can Be in at Any Given Time
  • Where You Were During Creation
  • Understanding the Essence of Life
  • Why You Can’t Come from “Need” to Attract
  • Moving into “The Absolute”
  • Programming the Always Awake Subconscious

Video 3 – The Mechanics of Cleaning Tools

  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and You
  • Cleaning Tool in Practice
  • The “One Divinity” Principle
  • Connecting Conscious Mind to Divinity
  • Intellect and Physical Mind Aspects Within the Void
  • Creating “Zero” and Correctly Cleaning

Video 4 – Connecting to Divinity

  • Why You Shouldn’t “Hang Around Gurus”
  • Going Through that Which Created You
  • Unlocking Your Inborn Ability to Connect to the Divine
  • Expanding Upon Cleaning Tools
  • Strategies from Zero

Video 5 – Cleaning Tools in Practice

  • The Circle of Completion
  • Anchoring from Experiences and Memories
  • Erasing the Overwhelming
  • Creating the Openings that Allow People to Go
  • Case-Study Examples of Cleaning
  • Moving Past Your Disbelief

Video 6 – Perspectives on Zero

  • 4+ Additional Perspectives from Ho’oponopono Practitioners
  • The Place for “Rage”
  • Best Practices in Advanced Cleaning Tools
  • “Works for Anyone” Let-Go Strategies
  • How to Get Over the Conscious Desire to Control

Video 7 – Attracting People Who Need Your Help

  • Creating the Pure Heart Subjects Crave
  • Integrating Ho’oponopono into Practice
  • Why Others Will Beg for Your Help
  • Getting to Zero to Experience the Divine
  • Therapeutic Case Study Sessions

Digital Download Only!

Video 8 – Perfect Creation

  • Your Responsibility as a Ho’oponopono Practitioner
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Real-World Applied Perspectives
  • Why We’re All Created Perfectly
  • Escaping the Wall of Collective Memory
  • Final Thoughts

Pros & Cons

The pros:

  • Ho’oponopono helps boost your mental skills, which includes the ability to solve any and every problem mentally. Your brain will be able to work faster and more efficiently on its own, and you will start to rely lesser on others and more on yourself.
  • Ho’oponopono will help improve your concentration, so you can really focus on everything that you desire. Focusing is the key to success because that way you know exactly what you want. If you concentrate on the things you want, you’ll have a clearer image of the things you are required to do to be able to reach your goals. And that is in all honesty what is truly needed to succeed at anything in life.
  • Ho’oponopono teaches your powerful techniques to relax so that the next time you find yourself facing any difficulty or if you find yourself getting tense or hyper, then you’ll always know how to calm yourself down and motivate yourself. In short, you’ll never be losing hope again!
  • Ho’oponopono helps you to realize that what you deserve is much more than what you already have. It makes you realize that in order to get to your ambitions, you’re going to need to struggle. Life is after all, not easy, and I would never try to tell you it was, but life is possible. You just have to work at it. But the best part is that Ho’oponopono will help make the struggle look all too appealing and worthy of the gift we are going to have at the end.
  • Last but not the least Ho’oponopono has helped change hundreds of lives, helped hundreds of people through their problems. You can be like them too.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

the cons

  • Nothing in life comes without a price tag. Ho’oponopono requires that you put in the effort and the struggle to accomplish your objectives. Your goals won’t just walk up to you and embrace you; you’re going to have to work harder than you ever have to achieve something. And without the willpower to do so, this product will be little more than waste. So don’t let it be. Know what it is that you want and pursue it with reckless abandon and allow the practice of Ho’oponopono to help you get where you want to be.


At the time of this writing, the special introductory price for this awesome certification program is just $29.00 But there are additional Upsells


The course comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee  60-Day Cancellation Policy

The Global Sciences Foundation offers a complete refund through ClickBank if you decide to cancel at any time in the first 60 days after you enroll in Ho’oponopono Practitioner Certification.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you’ll receive your money back.

Enroll today, take the complete course -then decide if Ho’oponopono Practitioner Certification is right for you, all risk free!

Ho’oponopono Practitioner Certification FAQs

Q: Is your certification accepted everywhere in the World?

A: Yes. To the best of our knowledge, at this time, our certification is accepted everywhere.

Q: Will I need any other training in order to practice Ho’oponopono besides your course?

A: No. Our course is all you will need.

Q: Will I be properly trained if all I take is your online Ho’oponopono Certification Course?

A: Ideally a Ho’oponopono practitioner would be trained in a classroom setting with an instructor physically present. Unfortunately, this luxury is not practical for many people. For this reason, many institutions have turned to online training as a viable alternative to meeting modern day needs. In fact, Columbia, Harvard, and Cornell have extensive online programs. Also, Penn, Dartmouth, and Yale offer online classes. Additionally, in this course, you are encouraged to find a study partner and to practice your techniques on a number of people.

Q: What about licensing requirements for Ho’oponopono Practitioners. Are there any?

A: At this time, to the best of our knowledge, there are no licensing requirements for Ho’oponopono practitioners anywhere in the World. However, if you start a business, you will generally need a business license.

Q: What do I get Certified as?

A: A “Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner’ qualified by our standards to teach and practice Ho’oponopono.

Q: What do I get when I buy the Ho’oponopono Certification Course?

A: You get instant access to a 42-page eBook and 8 videos totaling over 6 hours.

Q: How long does the course take to finish?

A: It takes about 2-3 weeks if you move quickly by reading the eBook and watching the videos.

Q: What do I need to do to get my Certification?

A: You must pass the test on the database with a score of 75% or better. If you fail you have a max of 3 times to pass. If you don’t pass by the third attempt, you will be locked out of making other attempts for 2 months. You will also need to answer an essay question.

Q: How long does it take to get my certificate?

A: Once you pass the multiple choice exam and submit your essay. Please allow 7 days for Dr. Vitale to review your essay. You will then be notified by email whether you passed or failed. If you passed, you will be automatically added to the Global Sciences Foundation directory and you will be sent a digital certificate.

Questions about the Certificate

Q: Will I receive a certificate?

A: Upon completion of this program, you will receive a beautiful certificate sent via email, which you can print out and proudly display for your clients to see. It will have your name, title (Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner), and your certification number.

Q: What will the certificate look like? Is there a sample?

A: Click here for the sample of the certificate.

Q: Is the mailing of the certificate cost included in the course fee?

A: We will not be mailing a physical certificate.


People have been asking him for it…

And now it’s finally here…

Introducing the brand new Ho’oponopono Certification…

the most in-depth, complete, immersive training on the deeper secrets behind and beyond his best-selling books, Zero Limits and AT Zero.

It’s waiting for you here:

Ho’oponopono Certification Program

Once you gain access, you’ll discover raw footage of Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len sharing secrets never before released to the public.

And you will have access to even more information, secrets, advanced thinking, and much more.

Secrets that bring you to “zero.”

Secrets you can only get here:

Ho’oponopono Certification Special Offer… 

This is for you. Grab your very own copy before the price goes up.

Hypnosis Certification Training Online

Choosing a Training School for Your Hypnosis Certification Training Online

“America’s # 1 Choice for Hypnosis Training Since 1996”

Hello, my name is Dr. Carl Welliver and I am a professional hypnotist an hypnotherapist. I have a private practice in Stoneham, Massachusetts. In this review, I will reveal the deep dark secrets behind online hypnosis certification training and why you should seriously consider the American School of Hypnosis.

The rising popularity of online education has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years, it seems like you can take some sort of course or another on just about any subject, and hypnosis is no exception to the rule. Yes, it is possible to learn hypnosis from the comfort of your own home.

All Courses Are AIA Approved

The Truth Behind the American School of Hypnosis

So, you are interested in a possible career in hypnosis. Well, I want to be the first one to congratulate you on that decision. Having been certified myself back in 2011-2012 I have gone on to develop a successful practice at the Complete Mind Therapy Institute located in Stoneham, Massachusetts.

The reason that I have chosen to do this first review on the American School of Hypnosis is that is where I got my first certification as a hypnotherapist way back in the day. Of course, I have gone through a variety of other training in the various modalities of treatment, but in our practice, hypnosis is the core element of any treatment.

A Little Bit About Your Instructors at the American School of Hypnosis

I can attest to the instruction and the instructors. Rene Bastarache the founder with his wife Raluca are two highly motivated individuals that have created a curriculum that is nothing short of incredible. And as a matter of fact, they will allow you to download their 446-page course textbook for FREE. Just simply click on the picture below to get your very own copy now.

This curriculum will guide you step by step to a new, rewarding career.

This is the core course that will walk you through the process from being a complete newbie with little or no knowledge on the subject of hypnosis to being a competent practitioner.


Rene Bastarache

Rene Bastarache (Bass-tah-rash):  Author, Speaker, Trainer and Fisherman was born, raised and presently resides in beautiful Biddeford, Maine in the Northeastern corner of the USA.

Rene is the author with Raluca of over twenty self-help books including their most recent one: How to Attract the Life You Want, Learn a New Way of Thinking. which is the main thrust of their Seminars and teachings. 

He has built a reputation of being the “How-To Authority” of the mind, thought and imagination training as a result of writing his CLINICAL HYPNOSIS Training Manual from A-Z” in 2005, which has become the definitive text in hypnotherapy and the science of thought worldwide. 

He founded the world renown American School of Hypnosis in 1996 which since then has expanded to over 20 training locations internationally.  He has taught thousands of people in over 150 countries how to change their lives by changing their thinking.  He has found hypnosis, guided imagery and meditation to be among the most effective vehicles to create positive, permanent change.

Rene is the founder and director of the American International Association of Hypnosis which is the largest and quickest growing hypnosis and self-help association of its kind with over 20,000 members worldwide.

He was a US Army Drill Sergeant for many years as well as a National Corporate Sales Trainer. Both of these careers paved the way for him becoming a specialist in how the thought process of the mind works. He had been using it to condition the minds of trainees and clients without even understanding the process. It’s truly amazing where life’s many turns will take us.

Raluca Bastarache

Raluca Bastarache (Bass-tah-rash): Author, Researcher, Instructor and Perfume Connoisseur was born and raised in Iasi, Romania and currently resides in Biddeford, Maine in the Northeastern corner of the USA.

Raluca is a graduate The Octav Bancila School of Music and Arts of Iasi Romania.  A former professional Opera Singer performing Opera Houses throughout Eastern Europe. 

She is co-author and researcher of  “HOW TO ATTRACT THE LIFE YOU WANT – Learn a New Way of Thinking “ as well as a Success & Relationship Consultant utilizing the Programs of Life Transformation and other methods described in their book.

She is the current Director of the American School of Hypnosis in Biddeford and Portland, Maine, offering basic and clinical hypnotherapy certification.

She is on the Board of Advisors of the American International Association of Hypnosis.

She is the owner of, which is the world’s most popular site for Telephone hypnosis and consulting sessions as well as a large selection of CD and mp3 complete hypnosis sessions.

Rene & Raluca are both available to travel internationally for Seminars & Workshops.

Announcing Upcoming Live Training in Stoneham, Massachusetts

As an AIA Certified Instructor, we will be teaching the In-Person version of this course at our Stoneham, Massachusetts location and will be posting a training schedule in the near future. The school, of course, offers a variety of other courses that will be covered later in individual reviews as each one deserves its own review in my opinion. But if you are looking to get started then this is the place to start.

But, if you simply cannot wait to get going this home study course is an excellent option. And if you decide to further your education by taking an in-person live class we will gladly credit the cost of the online component towards the cost of your tuition.

The best part of the home study course is, of course, the price saving you almost $1,100 off the cost of the LIVE TRAINING  You can sign up for the complete home study course today for only $399.00

Having Graduated from this school personally I can recommend them with my highest rating of FIVE STARS.

For further information about the IN-PERSON LIVE classes please email me directly at for more details Today.

American School of Hypnosis


Hypnotism to Stop Smoking

You can use hypnotism to stop smoking, as a matter of fact, the two most common requests we get at the Complete Mind Therapy Institute are for clients seeking help with weight loss hypnosis and stop smoking hypnosis. We offer individual therapy sessions for those wishing to use hypnotism to quit smoking as well as quit smoking hypnosis seminars for both corporate and private groups.


Photo via Good Free Photos

Hypnotism to Quit Smoking

Before we dive right into the nuts and bolts of using hypnotism to quit smoking let’s discuss quitting smoking in general.

Smoking cigarettes is an addiction, and quitting smoking cigarettes has been compared to withdrawing from a heroin addiction. It simply is not easy. So let’s talk about a few different ways to help you to succeed in your effort to quit smoking.

time-to-quit-smokingBut, you have made a decision today to visit this site to gain more information on quitting, and you should be congratulated for taking the first step. And it is our objective to help you accomplish that objective.

The most important thing in getting ready to quit smoking is to have a plan. So let’s take a look at what you can do to plan ahead for the big day.

There are a variety of strategies that you can use to help you to quit smoking, start off by researching the various strategies.

By simply following the steps below it will help you to create your very own customized quit smoking plan. As you move through the steps, you want to keep your plan readily available when you quit.

Step One: Pick a Quit Date


When it comes to choosing a quit date, sooner is obviously better than later. Many smokers choose a date within two weeks for their quit date. This two-week timeframe will give you enough time to prepare. In this first critical step, it is necessary that you really think about the date ahead of time. You should, of course, avoid choosing a day where you know you will be busy, stressed, or tempted to smoke.

Now that you have chosen your Quit Date: Circle the day on your calendar. Put a Bright RED note in your Day Planner. Make it a countdown if you want. Write it out somewhere where you will see it every day. This will remind you of your decision to become a non-smoker and give you the necessary time to prepare to quit.

Let Your Loved Ones Know That You Are Quitting Smoking.

It is much easier to quit smoking when you have support from the most important people in your life. Let them know ahead of time of your decision to quit and your quit date. Explain to them how they can help you quit, be sure to enlist their help. It isn’t always easy for us to ask others to help, but the support of the people closest to you can truly mean the difference between success and failure.

Getting Rid of the Smoking Paraphernalia

Anything that would remind you of smoking should be discarded. Getting rid of those items can keep you on track during your quit. This paraphernalia can include such things as your cigarettes, matches, ashtrays, and lighters. It may also help to make things clean and fresh at work‚ in your car (consider getting the car detailed)‚ and at home. Even the smell of stale cigarette smoke can cause a cigarette craving.

Never save one pack of cigarettes “just in case.”

Clearly State Your Reasons to Quit Smoking, and Write Them Down.

Everyone has their own personal reasons for quitting smoking. Maybe they want to be healthier, maybe they want to save some money (with cigarettes priced at nearly $10.00 a pack in many locations the savings can really add up fast, or maybe you keep their family safe. All of these are of course great reasons to quit.  As you prepare to quit, think about your own reasons for quitting. Remind yourself over and over of them every day as the big day approaches. These reasons alone can be enough to inspire you to stop smoking for good.

Once you have made your list keep it in a place where you can see it (that bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, on the coffee table beside your favorite chair).  Any time you feel the urge to smoke, look at and review your list. It will keep you motivated.

Identify The Triggers to Your Smoking

As human beings, we are creatures of habit. When we smoke, it is often tied to many parts of our life. Certain activities that we engage in, certain feelings or emotions we experience, and even the people that we associate with can all be triggers. When you come across these things, they may “trigger” your subconscious desire and turn on your urge to smoke. If you can anticipate these smoking triggers ahead of time it is much easier to develop ways to deal with them.

Thinking about these triggers in advance and writing them down can help you to develop alternative actions to the triggers, for example, if driving in your car to work is a trigger for you why not bring a piece of fresh fruit with you when you get into the car, when the urge strikes munch on your piece of fruit. Make a list of everything that makes you feel like smoking. As you go through your list of triggers why not write down one way you can deal with or avoid each item on your list.

Develop Your Coping Strategies

There is nicotine and a variety of other chemicals in cigarettes but nicotine is the primary ingredient that makes you addicted to smoking. When you stop smoking, your body will have to adjust to no longer having that addictive nicotine in its system. This is called going through withdrawal. Withdrawal can to say the least be unpleasant, but you can get through it. By developing your coping strategies to deal with the withdrawals ahead of time you can help ensure that you stay smoke-free for good!

There are certain medications and behavior changes that can help you manage the symptoms of withdrawal. As a matter of fact, there are many medications that can help you quit smoking available both over the counter and by doctor’s prescription. Do your research ahead of time and discuss your plans to quit with your health care professional, they may be able to offer you a variety of suggestions. Whatever you choose, however, be sure that you have them on hand prior to your quitting day. Remember that the withdrawal symptoms‚ including the cravings‚ will subside with every day that you stay smoke-free.  Yes, it does get easier and easier with each and every passing day.

Line Up Your Support Ahead of Time.

The obvious most difficult time, while you are quitting smoking, is the first few weeks. While you experience the uncomfortable feelings, and the temptations to smoke, the withdrawal symptoms, and cravings. It is best to have a couple of supportive people around you that you can turn to when the urge hits hard, someone that you can pick up the phone and call that will encourage you that you are doing the right thing.  It is important to understand that if you can get your mind off that urge for just a couple of minutes the urge will go away, after all, you are just reacting to an old trigger.

Another great thing to do when the urge for a cigarette hits is to brush your teeth, after all, why would you want to smoke just after you just brushed your teeth and your mouth and your breath is minty fresh.

Here at the Complete Mind Therapy Institute in Stoneham, MA we realize that quitting smoking happens one minute at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time. And it is not easy, but with the proper help and support, you can succeed. And we are here to help. It doesn’t matter if you want to set up an appointment to come in and see us, or if you work with a corporate or private group that is looking to set up a quit smoking hypnosis seminar, or you simply desire one of our custom stop smoking recordings, each method is extremely effective in helping you to quit.

To get further information on any of these alternatives please feel free to contact me by email at

Another great tip to help you with your success is to remember to reward yourself throughout the process. Celebrating the individual milestones along the way, being 24 hours smoke-free, one week smoke-free, and one month smoke-free. Quitting smoking is hard, and you should be proud of your accomplishments. Treat yourself with a nice dinner, or a day at the movies, or any other smoke-free activity that you enjoy. Plan out your milestone rewards ahead of time and set up a smoke-free reward for each one to give you something to look forward to.

Willpower vs. Hypnosis…Hypnosis Wins


In this post, I want to discuss why hypnosis wins over the mere use of willpower and wins EVERY TIME. As the founder of the Complete Mind Therapy Institute in Stoneham, Massachusetts I have helped countless people overcome many of life’s issues using hypnosis.

Many people may believe that they can do or accomplish anything that they desire to do or accomplish because they have willpower.

Let’s look at the ever going battle between Willpower and Hypnosis, shall we?

First, let me define both:

Willpower – control exerted to do something or restrain impulses.

Hypnosis – the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Its use in therapy, typically to recover suppressed memories or to allow modification of behavior by suggestion, has been revived but is still controversial.

With willpower, the individual is relying on their own determination, whereas with hypnosis they are seeding in their subconscious mind the desire that they hope to achieve. And you know what they say, “you reap what you sow.” What you put into the subconscious mind will become manifest. If you put in the negative in then you will experience negativity. But if you put in the good, the clean, the positive then you can only experience that.

It is estimated however that nearly 80% of all of our thoughts are negative in nature. No wonder we are in such a debacle.  How can we beat those odds? Well, the answer is simple. HYPNOSIS!

Having practiced the art for the past 7 years I have learned so much along the way. And have even improved so many areas of my own life by practicing what I preach.

Back in 2011, I was 440 pounds of mass, to say that I was fat would have been an understatement. By means of a gastric sleeve surgery and self-hypnosis, I was able to reach my goal of 240 pounds and have maintained that goal within 5 pounds either way for the past 6 years.

See my personal story of success here —->
Dr. Carl Weight Loss Success Using Hypnosis

As a matter of fact, because weight loss is one of the most common reasons that a client will visit my office I even have a post here that instructs, step by step, any individual who is motivated enough to try on how to create their very own weight loss hypnosis CD or MP3 for their own personal use. You can find that information here—->  Produce and Record Your Very Own Proven Weight Loss Hypnosis CD or MP3

Of course, we do offer one on one hypnosis sessions for our clients, as well as group hypnosis sessions for both weight loss and smoking cessation. We will soon be offering right here on our blog a variety of our favorite hypnosis downloads.

Hypnosis can be used to deal with such issues as:

  1. Gastric Band Weight Loss
  2. Fear of Driving
  3. Tinnitus Relaxation
  4. Trichotillomania: Hair Pulling
  5. Binge Eating
  6. OCD Relaxation
  7. Jealousy
  8. Skin Picking
  9. Emotional Eating
  10. Inner Child
Addiction Hypnosis Scripts
Anger Management Issues
Body Image
Business Skills and Finance
Childbirth Scripts
Children’s Issues
Confidence Hypnosis Scripts
Coping with Loss
Fears and Phobias
Grief Hypnosis Scripts
Habits and Disorders
Health Relaxation
Memory and Learning Scripts
Hypnotic Metaphors
Pain Relaxation & Visualizations
Performance Hypnosis Scripts
Personal Development Scripts

As you can see there is not much in life that has not been addressed by hypnosis scripts and recordings.

We here at the Complete Mind Therapy Institute will record a custom program on any topic for our visitors.