Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work ?

One question that I am often asked in my private practice at the Complete Mind Therapy Institute is ” Does weight loss hypnosis work?” Does it really work? Well today I will share with you a very personal success story. My success story of my own weight loss success using hypnosis to reach my weight loss goal.

My Weight Loss Journey

It was the late spring of 2011, and I had just walked into my doctors office and as was always the case the nurse had me step onto the scale. I knew that I would once again have gained some weight, but was not really prepared for what I would see on the digital readout. It had only been a little over three months since my last visit, as I was a diabetic an my A1C was at the time out of control so 3-4 doctor appointments a year was the rule as opposed to the exception at the time.

But, I was shocked, almost to the point of tears, but as a big tough guy, you never let anyone see you cry. As a matter of fact up until that day I had been in denial about my ever increasing weight gain, and my general overall health, always making light of the situation. Always joking about the fact that I was as big as I was. But that day the scale would tell a horrific story, and the nurse simply wrote the number on my chart without saying a word. I guess she was going to leave that to the doctor.

My doctor at the time had been caring for me for a number of years, and I considered him more of a friend than just a physician.

I sat in the examining room after the nurse had taken all my vitals and recorded them on my profile. She without saying anything else except “the doctor will be with you shortly” left the room.

Alone in the room now, I just broke down in tears. I was upset with myself and the fact that I had let myself get so out of control. I just kept on weeping and saying to myself “440 pounds. How?”  “440 pounds. How did you ever let this happen?” As I heard a slight knock on the door, I quickly wiped my eyes with my sleeve and the dostor opened the door and walked in.

He sat down on his stool across from me, and looked at the computer screen looking over my stats.

Before he said anything he mentioned to me what my last lab test was for my A1C and it was still not where he would have liked to see it. At that time I was taking a huge amount of Insulin daily as well as a variety of other medications. After a few minutes of silence once again my eyes began to tear up. I knew what was coming next, and he began to speak. I remember this particular appointment like it was yesterday. He said, “Carl we really need to talk about this weight gain, over the past year you have gained 15 pounds, and you are slowly killing yourself. I don’t know what I can do to help you, we have had this discussion before and you have just shrugged it off.” He was right, I had but today was different, I was not only disappointed and angry with myself, but I was disgusted with me, disgusted with my life.

I said whimpering, “Doc … Please help me, I am out of control and cannot go on like this.” At that moment something happened. I felt closer to him than I had ever felt before, he looked me straight in the eye, and I saw the love an compassion in his eyes as he said, “I know we have discussed this before but you were not ready and now today I think you have hit a low point in your life and now come to the realization that you cannot do this on your own. So, I want to discuss the various weight loss surgeries that are available, it is the best way for you to begin to take control of your life back.”

I at that time was all ears, even though I had dismissed the idea on numerous occassions before and I said, “yes, please.”

440 Pounds and Out of Control

We discussed the ‘gastric band’, the ‘gastric bypass’, and a relatively new procedure the ‘gastric sleeve’. What I could expect from the alternatives and what would be required in order to move forward from that point on.

He mentioned a referral to a surgeon in his network, which I balked at as I knew of a surgeon that a couple of people I knew had used and were very happy with. He agreed to give me a referral out of network simply telling me that if I would do what I needed to do that even though the insurance company’s discourage out of network care he would give me the referral.

I called the surgeons office that afternoon, and was able to get an appointment for an initial consult a few days later.

When I went to that consult, I went in feeling a little bit better about myself (after all I was taking some positive action), the doctor was very caring and compassionate, as we discussed my prior medical history the option available to me became limited and narrowed down. He explained to me that in order for him to consider me as a candidate that I would have to lose about 40 pounds on my own to show that I could exhibit the necessary discipline to succeed. I agreed to give it a shot.

Well within a couple of months and a diet of eating nothing but tuna fish (brreakfast, lunch, and dinner) not a diet that I would recommend to anyone, but it is high in protein, and it worked for me. I also had begun the necessary testing and counselling that he required prior to the surgery. One thing that was a concern in my case was the removal of my spleen when I was a teenager because of a near fatal car accident. You see the area that such surgeries are performed are in the area where the spleen is located and having had my spleen removed would have led to the area being loaded with scar tissue. That would make the full gastric bypass a rough surgery. But when he submitted his recommendation to the insurance company for the approval he submitted Plan A (the full bypass) and an option for Plan B (the gastric sleeve). The gastric sleeve is done arthroscopically and is far less invasive, but at the time was not as well recieved by the insurance company’s. But he got the plan approved based on the fact that he would view the area arthroscopically and if the bypass were an alternative he would proceed if it was going to be complicated by all the scar tissue he would proceed with the gastric sleeve.

Gastric Sleeve It Was

On December 27, 2011 I walked into the hospital at 396 pounds, I was prepped for surgery and would soon be on my way to the operating room. Just as was expected the area where the surgery was to be perfomed was loaded with scar tissue, and it was the gastric sleeve that would be done.

Now with any such procedure there are the positives and the negatives. The positive for the gastric sleeve was that it was all done arthroscopically and the time on the operating room table and the recovery time were both minimized because of that. The negative was that the doctor had told me before we booked the date of the surgery that with the sleeve I would only be able to expect to lose 55-65% of my excess body weight.

Now let’s do some quick math here.

Current Body Weight  396 pounds
Goal Weight 240 pounds
Excess Weight  156 pounds
Projected Weight Loss at 60%  96 pounds

The months after the surgery went pretty much as were expected. Yes, I did lose the 96 pounds and as hard as I tried from that point on I had for the most part plateaued. I was stuck at right about 298 give or take a couple pounds either way. Now don’t get me wrong, to have gone from 440 pounds to just under 300 was a great accomplishment and I credit all of that to my surgeon. The results had been exactly what he had predicted, and I was feeling pretty good about it. But, it wasn’t really I really wanted to be. You see, in my mind going into this, even know I was not really expecting it based on what the doctor had told me I wanted to get to 260 pounds (my weight when I got married 23 years earlier). But i was holding firm at 300 +/- a couple of pounds.

Hypnosis. The Ultimate Alternative

As a teenager I was always intrigued by hypnosis having seen a stage hypnosis show, I always thought how cool it would be to be able to do that, so I began buying books on the subject. I studied and practiced, practiced an studied. Began hypnotizing friends and family just for fun.

One day when I was sitting at home thinking to myself that although I had great success to that point I was not really happy where I was.

Now the doctors were overjoyed, my wife and kids were encouraging me on and supporting me every step of the way. But in my own mind I still wanted so deperately to shed that aditional nearly 30 pounds to get to my true desired goal. Well, thank God for the Internet… As I sat at my desk that day I decided to look up hypnosis training. I found a couple of certification courses that I was interested in checking out, so I signed up for one, and finished it and was now recognized as a certfied hypnotist, then I signed up for the next and upon completing that one was then considered a certified hypnotherapist.

Well, then it was time to put my skills to the test. I became my own first client, after all if it worked on me then why wouldn’t I be able to use my newly perfected skills to help others?

Well within a month I began losing weight again. I was quite happy, and just a few short months later I reached my goal of 260 pounds.

But why stop there? I then considered the 260 goal as an interim goal and decided if I could get to 260 then why not 240? Well I reached my goal of 240 pounds and have maintained that weight between 235-245 for the past six years. To this day when I sit down to eat, I feel satisfied easily an often push my plate away with food still on it.


So to answer the question “Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?” Well I am living proof that it does. Now I am not going to say that my journey was an easy one. But the initial surgery was a catalyst in my weight loss, but from 300 to 240 can only be credited to the hypnosis. Now like anyone else who has had that type of surgery they know that after losing that much weight you have lots of excess skin just hanging around. If I chose to have that skin removed surgically I would shed an additional 15-20 pounds my doctor tells me. But in all honesty that in my opinion is a vanity surgery and not something I am willing to consider at least not at this point in my life. But YES, Weight Loss Hypnosis DOES WORK.

If you have found this post helpful please feel free to comment below or you might also enjoy my post where you can learn more about creating your very own self-hypnosis recording at FREE WEIGHT LOSS SCRIPT

-Dr. Carl





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  1. Truly a great success story, personally never really believed in the hypnosis hype but you have made a believer out of me. Might want to consider posting some before an after pics.

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