Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work ?

One question that I am often asked in my private practice at the Complete Mind Therapy Institute is ” Does weight loss hypnosis work?” Does it really work? Well today I will share with you a very personal success story. My success story of my own weight loss success using hypnosis to reach my weight loss goal.

My Weight Loss Journey

It was the late spring of 2011, and I had just walked into my doctors office and as was always the case the nurse had me step onto the scale. I knew that I would once again have gained some weight, but was not really prepared for what I would see on the digital readout. It had only been a little over three months since my last visit, as I was a diabetic an my A1C was at the time out of control so 3-4 doctor appointments a year was the rule as opposed to the exception at the time.

But, I was shocked, almost to the point of tears, but as a big tough guy, you never let anyone see you cry. As a matter of fact up until that day I had been in denial about my ever increasing weight gain, and my general overall health, always making light of the situation. Always joking about the fact that I was as big as I was. But that day the scale would tell a horrific story, and the nurse simply wrote the number on my chart without saying a word. I guess she was going to leave that to the doctor.

My doctor at the time had been caring for me for a number of years, and I considered him more of a friend than just a physician.

I sat in the examining room after the nurse had taken all my vitals and recorded them on my profile. She without saying anything else except “the doctor will be with you shortly” left the room.

Alone in the room now, I just broke down in tears. I was upset with myself and the fact that I had let myself get so out of control. I just kept on weeping and saying to myself “440 pounds. How?”  “440 pounds. How did you ever let this happen?” As I heard a slight knock on the door, I quickly wiped my eyes with my sleeve and the dostor opened the door and walked in.

He sat down on his stool across from me, and looked at the computer screen looking over my stats.

Before he said anything he mentioned to me what my last lab test was for my A1C and it was still not where he would have liked to see it. At that time I was taking a huge amount of Insulin daily as well as a variety of other medications. After a few minutes of silence once again my eyes began to tear up. I knew what was coming next, and he began to speak. I remember this particular appointment like it was yesterday. He said, “Carl we really need to talk about this weight gain, over the past year you have gained 15 pounds, and you are slowly killing yourself. I don’t know what I can do to help you, we have had this discussion before and you have just shrugged it off.” He was right, I had but today was different, I was not only disappointed and angry with myself, but I was disgusted with me, disgusted with my life.

I said whimpering, “Doc … Please help me, I am out of control and cannot go on like this.” At that moment something happened. I felt closer to him than I had ever felt before, he looked me straight in the eye, and I saw the love an compassion in his eyes as he said, “I know we have discussed this before but you were not ready and now today I think you have hit a low point in your life and now come to the realization that you cannot do this on your own. So, I want to discuss the various weight loss surgeries that are available, it is the best way for you to begin to take control of your life back.”

I at that time was all ears, even though I had dismissed the idea on numerous occassions before and I said, “yes, please.”

440 Pounds and Out of Control

We discussed the ‘gastric band’, the ‘gastric bypass’, and a relatively new procedure the ‘gastric sleeve’. What I could expect from the alternatives and what would be required in order to move forward from that point on.

He mentioned a referral to a surgeon in his network, which I balked at as I knew of a surgeon that a couple of people I knew had used and were very happy with. He agreed to give me a referral out of network simply telling me that if I would do what I needed to do that even though the insurance company’s discourage out of network care he would give me the referral.

I called the surgeons office that afternoon, and was able to get an appointment for an initial consult a few days later.

When I went to that consult, I went in feeling a little bit better about myself (after all I was taking some positive action), the doctor was very caring and compassionate, as we discussed my prior medical history the option available to me became limited and narrowed down. He explained to me that in order for him to consider me as a candidate that I would have to lose about 40 pounds on my own to show that I could exhibit the necessary discipline to succeed. I agreed to give it a shot.

Well within a couple of months and a diet of eating nothing but tuna fish (brreakfast, lunch, and dinner) not a diet that I would recommend to anyone, but it is high in protein, and it worked for me. I also had begun the necessary testing and counselling that he required prior to the surgery. One thing that was a concern in my case was the removal of my spleen when I was a teenager because of a near fatal car accident. You see the area that such surgeries are performed are in the area where the spleen is located and having had my spleen removed would have led to the area being loaded with scar tissue. That would make the full gastric bypass a rough surgery. But when he submitted his recommendation to the insurance company for the approval he submitted Plan A (the full bypass) and an option for Plan B (the gastric sleeve). The gastric sleeve is done arthroscopically and is far less invasive, but at the time was not as well recieved by the insurance company’s. But he got the plan approved based on the fact that he would view the area arthroscopically and if the bypass were an alternative he would proceed if it was going to be complicated by all the scar tissue he would proceed with the gastric sleeve.

Gastric Sleeve It Was

On December 27, 2011 I walked into the hospital at 396 pounds, I was prepped for surgery and would soon be on my way to the operating room. Just as was expected the area where the surgery was to be perfomed was loaded with scar tissue, and it was the gastric sleeve that would be done.

Now with any such procedure there are the positives and the negatives. The positive for the gastric sleeve was that it was all done arthroscopically and the time on the operating room table and the recovery time were both minimized because of that. The negative was that the doctor had told me before we booked the date of the surgery that with the sleeve I would only be able to expect to lose 55-65% of my excess body weight.

Now let’s do some quick math here.

Current Body Weight  396 pounds
Goal Weight 240 pounds
Excess Weight  156 pounds
Projected Weight Loss at 60%  96 pounds

The months after the surgery went pretty much as were expected. Yes, I did lose the 96 pounds and as hard as I tried from that point on I had for the most part plateaued. I was stuck at right about 298 give or take a couple pounds either way. Now don’t get me wrong, to have gone from 440 pounds to just under 300 was a great accomplishment and I credit all of that to my surgeon. The results had been exactly what he had predicted, and I was feeling pretty good about it. But, it wasn’t really I really wanted to be. You see, in my mind going into this, even know I was not really expecting it based on what the doctor had told me I wanted to get to 260 pounds (my weight when I got married 23 years earlier). But i was holding firm at 300 +/- a couple of pounds.

Hypnosis. The Ultimate Alternative

As a teenager I was always intrigued by hypnosis having seen a stage hypnosis show, I always thought how cool it would be to be able to do that, so I began buying books on the subject. I studied and practiced, practiced an studied. Began hypnotizing friends and family just for fun.

One day when I was sitting at home thinking to myself that although I had great success to that point I was not really happy where I was.

Now the doctors were overjoyed, my wife and kids were encouraging me on and supporting me every step of the way. But in my own mind I still wanted so deperately to shed that aditional nearly 30 pounds to get to my true desired goal. Well, thank God for the Internet… As I sat at my desk that day I decided to look up hypnosis training. I found a couple of certification courses that I was interested in checking out, so I signed up for one, and finished it and was now recognized as a certfied hypnotist, then I signed up for the next and upon completing that one was then considered a certified hypnotherapist.

Well, then it was time to put my skills to the test. I became my own first client, after all if it worked on me then why wouldn’t I be able to use my newly perfected skills to help others?

Well within a month I began losing weight again. I was quite happy, and just a few short months later I reached my goal of 260 pounds.

But why stop there? I then considered the 260 goal as an interim goal and decided if I could get to 260 then why not 240? Well I reached my goal of 240 pounds and have maintained that weight between 235-245 for the past six years. To this day when I sit down to eat, I feel satisfied easily an often push my plate away with food still on it.


So to answer the question “Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?” Well I am living proof that it does. Now I am not going to say that my journey was an easy one. But the initial surgery was a catalyst in my weight loss, but from 300 to 240 can only be credited to the hypnosis. Now like anyone else who has had that type of surgery they know that after losing that much weight you have lots of excess skin just hanging around. If I chose to have that skin removed surgically I would shed an additional 15-20 pounds my doctor tells me. But in all honesty that in my opinion is a vanity surgery and not something I am willing to consider at least not at this point in my life. But YES, Weight Loss Hypnosis DOES WORK.

If you have found this post helpful please feel free to comment below or you might also enjoy my post where you can learn more about creating your very own self-hypnosis recording at FREE WEIGHT LOSS SCRIPT

-Dr. Carl





Change Your Habits, Improve Your Life

Change Your Habits,  Improve Your Life

Habits, oh those habits being nasty. Habits are developed from training, influences, observation, and just simply repetitive doing. We develop many practices throughout our life, some of which are good while others are bad. The good practices we of course can keep, but if one would like to change or enhance their life the practices which are bad need to hit the bricks. Getting rid of bad habits however sometimes isn’t easy, especially if an addiction is included.

It is in such a case where hypnosis can be such a valuable resource. But first let’s take a look at a few steps we can try before going to the hypnotherapist.

We all from time to time tend to make excuses:

Individuals wander through life excuses being made for one reason or another. Anytime a person views one thing as being complicated, they may make up all sorts of excuses why they can’t handle the situation. “We have never done it this way before.” “It has always worked, why should we change now?” Etc. Excuses are a problem that is typical for mankind. And you may have heard thousands of them throughout your life so far. If you are one that seems to be able to come up with a good excuse for not doing something then realize that excuses either enable you to just go on with the status quo, or simply allow you to live complacent. Adopt the new attitude that, ‘Excuses have no place in my life an thety have held me back far too long.’

The first key to taking excuses out of your life is to learn to speak reality. Looking at a problem or situation with a clear and open mind will allow you to work through whatever the situation is, and will most assuredly improve your life. Once you understand the truth, commit yourself to learning new behaviors that are new habits.

Select a practice that is new.

I intend to drink significantly more water today.

Many of us don’t drink nearly enough water, but water is essential to living healthy. The benefits are obvious and rather than refusing to do something that helps you to save your life, start saying, “I am going to drink more water today.” Make a commitment to your self, to your health an wellbeing.

Stop judging others, and realize that you need not concern yourself with others judging you.

Judging is a mistake that is typical made worldwide. We spend far too much time passing judgment on others and worrying about how we are being judged. A great mantra toward this goal s, “I am totally independent of the good or bad opinion of others.” You cannot be consumed worrying about what others think of you, because in reality they probably don’t. You must be at peace with yourself. Learn how to rest peacefully and be able to look yourself in the mirror. Remember judgment is just for the Master in the sky and no one else’s opinion really matters.

Negative Thinking…

You think negative? I can’t change this, so why bother trying? My entire life is full of nonsense, we can’t do this. Why me? Who places a tag on you, saying persecute me. If you spend every waking moment thinking negative and being negative try changing your ways today. As an example, proclaim to yourself, “I’m able to change something and I am going to.” As opposed to saying “life is filled with nonsense”, accept it as truth yet go forward to make your life better. We must accept it, make better choices and go forward. It is the unfortunate reality that the self persecution of “why me?” is a common concern. But know that it is you and only you that makes you feel this way to feel persecuted.

Have you got friends or loved ones weighing you down? Then kick their butt down the road and work out brand new buddies if that’s the case. No one in life will probably be worth you enduring ongoing pain an suffering. You have the power to yet make modifications to yourself but you do not have the ability to change others, so why bother trying?

When you start to make changes to improve your life, begin small. As opposed to leaping whole hog, both feet in the water master the change skill. Take baby steps to success. Of course there may be some things that you will need to change instantaneously. It is at those times where you might want to consider the help of a professional. That is where hypnosis comes in.

We often look for help and feedback when we are attempting to improve our life and practices. You do not have to walk the trail to success alone. Feedback is available from a variety of different sources. So don’t be afraid to ask some body you trust to aid you and give you feedback when needed also.

Dr. Carl has access to over 1000 self help hypnosis scripts in his library to deal with all sorts of life situations and is available for consults, by phone, by skype or in person.

As always if you have found this post useful or entertaining please comment below, we love to hear from our readers.

Success With Hypnosis

You too can experience success with hypnosis

It is possible to accomplish just about anything humanly possible by means of hypnosis.

After all, hypnosis is all about dealing with any issue or situation in your life by reprogramming your subconscious mind to effect the change.

Napoleon Hill said it best in his best-selling 1937 book Think and Grow Rich when he wrote, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

So no truer words were never spoken. When we desire something and believe in our hearts and minds that we can accomplish it then look out world.

Now Napoleon Hill was one of my favorite authors, and his Think and Grow Rich was one of my favorite books growing up. OK, call me a nerd, but I would take a good self-help book over any text book any day of the week.

So how do we change anything in our life?

Well first we need to know what it is that we want to change. We need to be very specific and in detail about the changes we want to take place in our lives.

Once we know what it is that we want to change we have to envelope that change inside a burning desire to achieve that change.

Then we have to formulate a plan how we will get from where we are today to where we desire to be tomorrow and beyond.

Then we have to put that plan into action, it can be a series of steps layed out to get to a long-term goal or just the accomplishing of a simple task, but either way we must implement the plan, otherwise we stay stuck right where we are. You know the old saying, “the road to hell was paved with good intentions.” Well you can intend all you want but if you don’t act on those intentions then guess what? You are stuck exactly where you are with no chance of ever getting to your goal or objective.

When you embark on a journey of change you must not falter from your plan, of course from time to time we must adjust our thinking and shift gears a little bit, but if something is important enough that you feel the need to change then you must keep moving toward that goal, even if you have to sidestep an obstacle or two along the way.

As always if you have enjoyed this post or found it helpful we encourage you to comment below, we love to hear from our readers.


Free Weight Loss Hypnosis Script

Dr. Carl’s Free Weight Loss Hypnosis Script

Have you ever considered learning more about self-hypnosis?

Are you hoping to shed a few extra pounds?

Have you heard that hypnosis really works?

Well, I have been so very blessed in my life, and have achieved some great successes and I am a true believer in giving back to my fellow man.

So, today in this special post I am going to give you a quick lesson in self-hypnosids.

After all the hypnotist has a simple job. There is no deep dark secret to hypnosis. Now of course there are some practitioners that may get angry with me for doing this, because I am giving you the key to any success in life.

You can hypnotize yourself and this post will explain it in easy to understand details.

So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get to it shall we?

Things You Will Need In Order to Record Your Own Self Hypnosis Mp3’s

First and foremost you need an issue or condition that you desire to improve in your life (for this example we will use weight loss hypnosis).

Secondly, you will need a script, which you can adapt for your personal needs (that is what I will deliver to you in just a few minutes).

Thirdly, you need a way to record your script and convert it to an Mp3 so you can listen to it on your computer, your cell phone, or any other device that allows you to play Mp3’s. That program is free to download and it is called Audacity. You can download it for free at 

This program is easy to use and offers multiple track recording so that you can even load in your favorite background music to make the experience a little more enjoyable.

A microphone (many earbuds that you can use with your cell phone also have  a microphone built in that can be plugged into your computer and used for this purpose.

If you don’t have one you can pick up one here
New Black OEM Samsung 3.5mm PREMIUM SOUND/HIGH QUALITY Stereo Earbud Headphones for Galaxy S5 S6 S6 Edge + Note 4 5 EO-EG920BB – Comes with extra Eargels!!!

or you could go for a microphone
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  • So now that you have downloaded Audacity
  • You have a microphone set up to record your voice all you need to complete your FREE WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOSIS self-hypnosis recording is the script. So here goes. But remember that you can adapt or customize the script for your own personal use.
  • The Script

But before we begin let me give you a few tips on recording a superior hypnosis recording.

Speak clearly, and you can even address yourself personally for a more effective recording.

Speak in a slow rhythmic manner. Do not rush through the recording.

Use of this script is for your own personal use, and it is not meant to replace the advice of your health care professionals. If you are under a doctors care please consult with your physician before using any hypnosis recording.

Your success with any such recording is reliant on your own belief that the treatment will work and listening to it repeatedly each night for about three weeks to get the best results.


Neither Dr. Carl Welliver nor can be held liable for your misuse of this self recorded self-improvement program.

OK So let’s take a look at a script breakdown shall we?

A hypnosis script basically has 4 sections

  • The Induction
  • The Deepener
  • The Therapy
  • The Awakening

So let’s start off with an induction. The induction is what begins to take you from conscious awareness to the fringe of the trance state. It is defined in Wikipedia as, “Hypnotic induction is the process undertaken by a hypnotist to establish the state or conditions required for hypnosis to occur. Self-hypnosis is also possible, in which a subject listens to a recorded induction or plays the roles of both hypnotist and subject.”

For this example I will use one of my favorite scripts, it is a Deep Relaxation Script and I have always found it to be very effective.

Deep Relaxation Script

I want you to put yourself into a comfortable position whether lying on a bed or sitting comfortably in a safe chair. Now, we are going to begin by taking in a few deep, comfortable breaths in through your nose, expanding your lungs to capacity and holding it for the count of three then slowly exhaling through your mouth.

So let’s begin.

Breathe in completely filling your lungs with air, feel your shoulders rise, and hold it  1-2-3 and now breathe out slowly exhaling through your mouth.

Now let’s repeat that again.

Breathe in completely filling your lungs feeling your shoulders rise, and hold it  1-2-3 and now breathe out slowly exhaling through your mouth.  Good, awesome.

And one more time.

Breathe in completely filling your lungs,  and hold it  1-2-3 and now breathe out slowly exhaling through your mouth. That was great. That simply breathing will help you to relax.

Now as your bretahing returns to normal, with each breath that you take and with each word that I speak you feel your body relaxing – more and more.

I would like you to imagine if you will that you are standing underneath a waterfall of relaxation – just feel that relaxing, comfortable water flowing all the way down your body. From the top of your head, down over your shoulders and torso, down your legs to the tips of your toes.

As it does feel yourself relaxing down deeper and deeper. Washing away all the stress and cares of the day. Soothing, calming – relaxation – easing away any tensions that you might have been holding within your body.

Making you feel good – making you feel comfortable – making you feel so relaxed.

This time is for you, you have no other cares at the moment, of course if an emergency were to arise you would immediately come back to the here and now wide awake and completely aware.

This feeling of complete relaxation is such a wonderful feeling, to be so relaxed – and quite perfect to be here right now – enjoying this calming, soothing, relaxing experience.

Now feeling completely relaxed, you are aware of your body and the weight of your body.

Perhaps you can feel it sinking down deeper into the mattress or chair under its weight – all the while your mind is in complete control of your body, including your muscles.

Now focus your attention on your feet and toes.

There’s an energy moving into the soles of your feet, and that energy is relaxing all the muscles in your feet and toes.

As you stand under this waterfall of relaxation and you feel your muscles now relaxing feet that energy is moving up through your feet, into your calves, and as it moves, both of your calf muscles become quite loose and relaxed. Feel your calf muscles relax now.

The energy is moving now into your thigh muscles, causing them to simply let go and become loose. Completely realaxed.

Now let your thigh muscles just relax completely as that relaxing energy continues to move into your hips and your groin, and the muscles there also unwind and become loose and relaxed.

And now that energy flows into your buttocks, and those muscles also relax – feel the energy moving now, and it’s moving into your abdominal muscles, waist, and small of your back. All so relaxed.

As it does, all the muscles there are bathed in relaxing energy, which causes them to unwind like a rubber band letting go.

If at any time your mind is begins to wander, then that’s OK. It just means you’re relaxing and feeling very languid. But simply bring yourself back and listen to the sound of my voice.

Your unconscious mind is listening very carefully to every word that is said, and with each word that is uttered and with each breath that you take you can feel yourself relaxing – more and more. You can not remember being more relaxed at any other time. Peaceful relaxation fillls your body and your mind.

Now the energy is flowing up into your chest and upper back, causing the muscles there to relax and just hang loose. The energy is moving into your shoulders now, and as the muscles relax, you can feel your shoulders sink down.

And now the energy moves into your arms, hands, and fingers, relaxing all those muscles and feeling so relaxed a truly incredible feeling of deep and complete relaxation.

As a matter of fact you might even feel some tingling in your fingertips as the energy reaches them.

That relaxing energy is now moving into your neck, and if you are holding any tension there, it simply dissipates, allowing the neck muscles to become loose and free. Completely relaxed.

The energy is now moving into your head, causing the muscles on your scalp and around your ears to unwind and it may even feel like your scalp is sliding down.

Now the energy is flowing around your face, and as it moves, all the tiny muscles around your eyes, nose, and mouth let go. Your jaw relaxes as you allow a little space between the teeth. Even your tongue begins to relax.

Your entire body is now totally relaxed, and your body feels as limp as a rag doll.

Although you are completely aware of everything going on around you an hear everything being said you are now feeling drowsy, and comfortable, safe and secure. So comfortably relaxed.

That energy is still in you and is now flowing down through the top of your head and is moving towards your feet.

As it reaches your feet, your entire body is now enveloped in a warm cocoon of energy that protects you from any negative influences. So you have nothing to fear.

You are very relaxed now, and feeling sleepy. You may hear sounds in your environment, but unless there’s something that needs your immediate attention, you remain totally relaxed.

In fact, the sounds you hear, including my voice, only serve to help you go deeper into this wonderful state of relaxation. You have the ability to come out of this trance whenever you wish, and you are totally safe and secure.

So continue to fully relax, let go, and be at ease. You are drifting deeper and deeper with every breath you exhale deeper and deeper into this euphoric relaxed state.

In this comletely relaxed state, in your mind – in your imagination – go now to a room where you feel totally safe, secure, and comfortable. You know this room very, very well, and you can see it clearly in your mind’s eye. What colors do you see?

Notice the furniture there – notice what’s on the floor – noticing any objects in the room – notice the number of windows and notice how they are decorated.

Everything you see in this room is sharp and vivid in your mind, and the colors are pure and bright.

Notice if there are any sounds in the room. Are there any familiar smells?

Now reach out and pick up some object from the room. Notice how heavy or light it is – how does it feel?

Is it warm, cool, or somewhere in between? Now – again – look around that room where you can continue to relax and go deeper into relaxation.

Let go of that image now and let your mind wander where it will. Your subconscious mind is continuing to listen to everything that is said.

Now you can have a little while to simply let go and relax even more.

(Short pause 30-45 seconds will do fine)


Great, now as you feel yourself sinking even deeper in this incredibly relaxed state.

You are now at a level of trance we’ll call level 1. But as deep as that is, there’s another level that we’ll call level 2, that is twice as deep in relaxation as level 1, and you can reach it easily. You want to go to level two and be so much more relaxed.

In a moment I will count down from three to one, as I do with each number you will go deeper and deeper into your relaxation. Moving from level one to level two.

One – sinking deeped

Two – deeper and deeper    and

Three. You are now at level 2, so much more relaxed than you were before.

But as deep as level 2 is, there’s another level, level 3, that is ten times deeper than level 2, and you can go there very easily.

Once again I’m going to count once more from one to three, and when I reach three, you will go from level 2 down, down, down to level 3 and be ten times deeper relaxed

One – deeper and deeper

Two – deeper still


Three. You are now at level 3, ten times deeper relaxed than you were before.

Imagine there is a ruler in front of you that measures the depth of your trance.

You can see the ruler quite clearly and vividly.

If the top of the ruler is 36 inches, then that represents full, awakening consciousness, and the bottom of the yardstick at zero inches represents total unconsciousness, the depth of your trance will be somewhere in-between on that yardstick.

So see the ruler very clearly and notice what number on it represents the depth of your trance.

Now move the depth of your trance down one inch from where it was, and allow yourself to go to that deeper level of trance. Now move it down a couple of inches deeper, and go down to that deeper level of trance.

One more time, move your trance down the yardstick, down three inches more, and go down to that even deeper level of trance.

On this ruler, any number below 10 is in a deep, deep trance.

So notice what number you are on the yardstick, and if it’s more than 10, move down the scale to a number less than 10 and find yourself, completely relaxed. You are now in a very deep trance.

You are still aware of the room around you and will come out of this trance if you need to quite easily. Just say to yourself, “I am awake” and you will come out of the trance fully alert and fully aware. You are in complete control.

And as this deep relaxation spreads over your body – perhaps you can allow your mind to relax too – and take yourself to a place deep inside – a very special place where you can enjoy these comfortable feelings for as long as you wish. A place where your subconscious mind is open to the suggestions that I am about to give and will act on them immediately.


(Now this part of the session is meat and the potatoes of the session, it is where you deliver the instructions to your subconscious having bypassed the defense system of the conscious mind. This particular script is a form of specifically written employing not only hypnosis but also Neuro-Linguistic Programming {NLP}. NLP is best known for immediate change of behaviors and works well with most people. In this portion it is highly recommended that you do personalize the script, inserting your name where inicated)

Weight Loss (NLP Type Approach) Script

Go ahead now, (insert name), and now you will take another deep breath just as you did before. Breathing in through your nose completely expanding your lungs, shoulders rising, and hold it for 1-2-3, and exhaling slowly through your mouth.

Now you need to focus your attention on someone who you know who has skills, abilities and resources that you’d like to have -especially the skills, the resources, and the abilities to say “No” to food and snacks between meals.

You might want to think of your favorite athlete that maintains a perfect body weight. Or a model, or even a movie star that you admire.

And while you think of this person, I want you to imagine that person and it is as though you’re watching them from a distance, move through the events of their day. As if you are watching them on a movie screen in front of you.

Fix that image of the movie playing in your mind, take a couple seconds to see the movie clearly.

(pause of 5 seconds or so)


Watch them as they move through activities and encounters where people are offering them food – and perhaps inappropriate drinks, and they’re simply saying “No, thanks.”

It’s just natural, it’s normal, and it’s expected of them.

Others expect them to turn down the offer of unwanted food – because that’s what they do. It seems the right thing for them to do, to offer. But they graciously refuse.

It is the right thing for you to do, to say “No” as well.

As you move through the experience, notice one of the days when they’ve eaten the right foods at the right time and in the right sequence. And how they feel good about their success.

And most importantly, I want you to notice, from a distance, how they stop eating when they’re satisfied – notice how natural it is for them to leave food on their plate, and that is completely okay for you to do as well.

You can watch this movie in your mind for as long as you would like and as often as you would like. That is okay.

Now that you have watched the movie you need to imagine that you could step back and start that day all over again, but this time imagine the possibility of stepping into their body taking their role.

Imagine what it might be like if you could see life through their eyes, hear with their ears, and sense and feel with their body, and understand, by walking in their shoes, how it is that they do what they do.

Imagine, just for a moment, that you can listen to their internal dialogue – that you can hear them communicate with themselves about food – about what people are saying – and most importantly, listen to their positive, dynamic internal dialogue.

Notice how natural it is for them to look down at their body and honour and love and appreciate their body.

Know that as you moved through that same day now, differently, by seeing through their eyes, hearing through their ears, and sensing and feeling what their body is sensing and feeling so that you can acquire those skills in a new way, that you too can do what they do, act as they act, live as they live.

Now, imagine, that you could bring all of those skills and abilities back into your body right here and right now – that those skills, those abilities, and those resources can stretch out into your body right here – that you can feel them surging from your heartbeat all the way down to the bottom of the feet – that you can feel them moving to the tips of your fingers – that you can feel them integrating through the legs and the arms Rushing through your entire being.

Feel them integrating into your lifestyle. And imagine, (insert name), three places where you’d want to benefit from those new behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs in the next week – so proud of yourslef as you’ve lost from one to three pounds in that week, it is so easy and natural for you. Yes you can do it.

Short pause.

That’s good.

And now, as you think of that week again, think of ways you can make the next week even more fun and easy.

Imagine, like a movie producer, that you can place greater joy, greater happiness, and greater harmony into the movie by listening to your favorite music in the background – as if someone has taken your life and made a script for health, harmony, and vitality.

And when you’ve made it through the day in this way, just smile and know that you are well on your way to a whole new life.

Now, step into the future.

Imagine that you’re there – just a week from today and you’ve done it – in just seven days you have lost one to three pounds or possibly even more.

Notice the joy that your body is experiencing by losing that weight, and being able to do it week after week, knowing that you will never ever have to lose those pounds again – that it’s permanent, natural, and forever.

That excess weight no longer serves any purpose for you, so you converted the energy into a dynamic, positive attitude – for all energy changes shape and form, and now, in your mind, it’s changing to a shape and a form which is more productive, more positive, and more permanent for you – a permanent, lasting change where your shoulders will roll back, your chin will roll upward, and you will feel extremely good for no apparent reason.

Then the days themselves will transform into weeks and the weeks into months and the months into years. Feeling so much better in your new slimmer frame.

It is from here that as you concentrate your attention on my voice that all outside sounds, all outside influences will simply dissolve, dissipate, and melt away.

It is from here that I want you to imagine your favorite vacation, and just take a mental trip where you can take care of all the stress, all the strain, and confusion once and for all and permanently dealing with it and putting it aside once and for all today.

Just let any stress go by taking a mental vacation where the seconds become hours. And when you’ve taken all the time that you need on that mental vacation so that, upon awakening today, you can be rested, relaxed, revitalized, and renewed – ready to treat yourself and other people with more love, with more respect, with more integrity than you ever have before then you can move on but take a moment or so to do that now.

(Slight pause for about 45-60 seconds)

Now, armed with that new mental attitude in mind, as you journey deep, deep inside, is there any part of you at all that objects in you using this process known as the unlimited reality where you can learn from others vicariously, the same way you learned as a child, but this time you get to pick and choose your teachers by choosing people in the world around you that have skills and benefits and behaviors that you truly want, but you could use them and benefit from them through a process of osmosis where it would simply happen for you without question or hesitation upon awakening. Is there any part of you at all that would object to you acquiring positive, beneficial behaviors for every area of your life so improvements can be made everywhere?

If not then that is Excellent. Just know, if there was a part of you that would object to this process, that that part of you would be taken deep, deep inside – deep, in fact, to the very core of your mind where it would be explained about the new behaviors, the new attitudes, and the new beliefs and how a synergizing effect is happening in your mind – synergizing, meaning that every part is necessary and needed, that as your body as a perfectly-tuned organism works together, you will take the weight off and keep it off forever.

It is from here, (insert name), that I want you to look forward to that brighter future that awaits you.

Given the information that you have learned here, going forward one day at a time, and the continuing training that you will be receiving, do you feel that you’re getting the information you need to take the weight off and keep it off forever?

Short pause.

Just know that if for any reason your unconscious or conscious mind feels that you’re not getting what you need, all you would need to do is say so in the state of hypnosis, and then the appropriate behavior, the appropriate attitude, the appropriate learned experience would be given to you without question, without hesitation so that every day, in every way, greater joy, greater happiness, and greater harmony can start first in your mind and then flow freely through your thoughts and then become a part of your everyday reality. You can succeed, you will succeed, you have succeeded.

The days transforming into weeks, the weeks transforming into months, and the months transforming into years.

It is from here, (insert name), that the days become weeks and the weeks become months and the months become years.


So that you can receive the benefits that you want today, and they will only improve upon awakening,

I say to you now, focus on your breathing. If this is a time of sleep for you, (insert name), then you will continue the journey into deep, restful, relaxing sleep where you dream of all of the people that you’ve ever seen, heard, or had experiences with that had skills, behaviors, or attitudes that you would like to acquire, that you have acquired here and now.

And because you’ve done the process  once here, you can continue to do the process deep, deep inside in your dreams so that, upon awakening, spontaneous, natural changes can take place – positive changes. I say to you now, negative thoughts, negative influences, negative beliefs will have no control over you at this or any of the awakening levels of consciousness.

You will only accept and use that which is positive, productive, life-giving and forgiving for you.

So the benefits will be multiplied upon awakening, I say to you now, if this is a time and a place where you need to be awake, alert, and conscious, then you will slowly find yourself returning back into the room – slowly finding yourself returning back into the room where your eyes will open, you will become wide awake – feeling fine and in perfect health – feeling better than ever before, perhaps feeling as if you’ve just returned from a deep, relaxing, powerful mental holiday.

And you can return to your special place whenever you wish –

However, if you are listening to my voice at any other time then you will accept the suggestions to come out of this trance – and feel all the benefits of this wonderful, deep relaxation session.

In a moment I’m going to count the numbers from one to five and at the count of five you will be wide awake – feeling already wonderfully invigorated – and ready to allow these suggestions – to work for you.

One – two – three – coming slowly back – four – eyelids beginning to flutter – and five – eyes open – wide awake – mind and body returning to normality.

Welcome to your new life.

That concludes our script self-hypnosis session. Now armed with all the tools necessary you too can create your very own hypnosis recording.

Here is a link to another Weight Loss Script I wrote early on in my career now published by the American School of Hypnosis you might also want to check that one out.

I hope that you have found this information helpful and informative and put it to use in your own life. Feel free to leave any comments below.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing all the work yourself we will be offering a Pre-Recorded MP3 of this for sale shortly.

Thanks for joining me.

-Dr. Carl

What Exactly Is Complete Mind Therapy?

Not Your Run of the Mill Hypnosis

Hello, Dr. Carl here… And welcome to my blog What Exactly Is Complete Mind Therapy?

To answer the question in one sentence… “it is the treatment of the entire being using a variety of modalities to deal with the situation.”

Now that I’ve answered the question with the Reader’s Digest Abridged definition let me go into just a little more detail. It truly is not your run of the mill hypnosis.  Here at the Complete Mind Therapy Institute we combine a variety of modalities in our treatment of our clients. We employ such techniques as pre-hypnosis counselling, conventional hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), self hypnosis coaching, subliminal affirmations and programming, and Mind-Movies. When we combine various modalities in our treatment of our clients we have found our long-term success rates to be much higher.  

So, now let’s take a look at these modalities individually:

Pre-Hypnosis Counselling

During this counselling session I meet with the client to determine their wants and expectations from the session. Hypnosis is explained in detail and any other modalities that could be potentially helpful are also discussed. At which time we agree on a method of treatment to be used. We also discuss specific hypnotic suggestions that might be incorporated into their hypnosis session. 

It is vital that the client be in agreement with this plan of action, as anything that goes against their will could sabotage the treatment all together.

Conventional Hypnotherapy

The first approach to most treatment is conventional hypnotherapy. We have access to over 1000 standard scripts that deal with all sorts of life aspects and issues. We will of course cover the depth of our script library in another post, but suffice it to say, if a client is dealing with any issue in their life, we probably have a hypnosis script, or one that can be adapted to deal with that issue. We will as we develop our site further offer some of our favorite therapists and their products, as well as our own product line for your use. There are literally thousands of programs available online and we will be reviewing some of the best of the best and making recommendations. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

In order to define NLP let’s visit Wikipedia.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say in its introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming:

“Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s. NLP’s creators claim there is a connection between neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming), and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.[1][2] Bandler and Grinder also claim that NLP methodology can “model” the skills of exceptional people, allowing anyone to acquire those skills.[3][4] They claim as well that, often in a single session, NLP can treat problems such as phobias, depression, tic disorders, psychosomatic illnesses, near-sightedness,[5] allergy, common cold,[6] and learning disorders.”

Depending on the desires of the client NLP may also be incorporated into their treatment plan. The most impressive part about NLP is that it can be used for immediate change making it a viable treatment option in many cases. This form of therapy was taken to a whole new level by the late-night infomercial Guru Anthony “Tony” Robbins, you may have heard of him.

Self-Hypnosis Coaching

All hypnosis is in reality self hypnosis if properly applied. In the initial counselling session as I stated above the specific wants and desires of the client are evaluated in order to form their treatment plan. After their session the client is emailed an MP3 file of the recorded session. 

It has been stated in various research that in order to modify or change an existing behavior, or to break a bad habit takes 21 days. Although some change is immediate it is recommended that the client listen to the MP3 as they are retiring for the evening. For it is at that time that the mind is winding down and relaxing, making it easier for the client to enter back into the trance (suggestible) state. 

This repetitive listening to the recorded session reinforces in the subconscious mind the changes desired. 

Look at it like this, if you wanted to build up your muscles, you would not go to the gym once and expect to develop 24″ biceps. No, you have to exercise the muscle in order to develop it. Well your mind is a muscle just like any other muscle in your body and to improve it you must exercise it regularly.

Subliminal Affirmations & Programming defines “subliminal” as:

adjective Psychology.

  1. existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness; being or employing stimuli insufficiently intense to produce a discreet sensation but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or the behavior of the individual: a subliminal stimulus; subliminal advertising.

Now to better understand this concept of subliminal programming allow me to share this story that I found at:

James Vicary’s Popcorn Experiment:

In 1957, a social psychologist and market researcher named James McDonald Vicary claimed to have conducted an experiment on 45,699 moviegoers in a New Jersey theater. In a press release, he stated that he exposed the moviegoers to .03 second flashes of ‘Hungry? Eat Popcorn’ and ‘Drink Coca-Cola during a movie to see if concession sales increased.

Vicary claimed that his experiment actually increased the sale of popcorn by 57.5% and Coca-Cola by 18.1%. These results prompted the CIA to write a report titled The Operational Potential of Subliminal Perception about their own plans for research with subliminal messages.

Later it was determined that Vicary’s experiment and claims were fraudulent. He admitted that it was done as a ‘gimmick’ and there was very little support for the effectiveness of subliminal messages. Despite its (alleged) ineffectiveness, the practice is still being used by advertisers today. It remains a controversial practice that is steeped in ethical and legal issues.”

If you are interested enough to find out what the CIA spent your tax dollars on here is a link to the report: The Operational Potential of Subliminal Perception  although somewhat dry it might be an interesting read to further your knowledge about the subject of Subliminal Programming. Although when this report was first written back in 1958 it was of course classified as “SECRET” but was reclassified and released in September 1995 some 37 years later. So if there was no real significance to the subject of Subliminal programming why did it take the CIA 37 years to reclassify and release this information?

Mind-Movies (Visualization Exercises)

I have personally used the Mind-Movies concept for many years to train many of my students in how to master any skill that they desire to master.

I think that we all can agree that the best way to master any skill is to practice it repeatedly. A single success does not master the task, it simply starts the process of mastering it. Everything you have ever experienced in your life is stored in the recesses of your subconscious mind. So once you have done something you can replicate that success simply by tapping into the resources of your subconscious mind and then simply duplicate the action to get the desired results.

Let me give you an example. Say you are learning to drive and you need to learn how to parallel park a car in order to pass your in vehicle road test to get your driver’s license. Well someone is kind enough to work with you in your training and show you how to do it. They guide you through the process step by step, putting on your blinker, then pulling up along side the other vehicle, putting the car into reverse, turning your wheel toward the curb, rolling back to a specific angle, quickly turning your wheel in the reverse direction and continuing to back in until you are straight along the curb right behind the other vehicle. 

Ok so you have successfully parallel parked your vehicle for the first time. Congratulations! But that is just the beginning, how are you going to be able to do it again? 

That is where Mind-Movies and the incredible power of the subconscious mind come in. 

Let’s say for example that you know how to parallel park a car. If you have a driver’s license hopefully you do. But if I asked you to take part in a brief experiment right now, would you do it? I hope so. Because I am about to prove to you the incredible power of your subconscious.

So, here goes. Close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself the following question, “If I had to parallel park a car RIGHT NOW, how would I do it? You will be amazed at what happens. 

But let me clue you in just for those who didn’t participate. You would have seen the images of you n your mind going through the steps I highlighted above and successfully parallel parking your vehicle. Why? Because you put an immediate demand on your subconscious when you ask the question “RIGHT NOW”.

Okay, because this is actually one of my favorite subjects  let me share with you one more example. If I were to ask you, “Have you experienced your  first kiss yet?”

Well at that point an image of that person that you shared that experience with should have popped into your head almost instantly, even if that was years and years ago. Why, because although you may have numerous first kisses in numerous relationships in your life, you only have ONE FIRST KISS!

That is the power of the subconscious mind and the speed at which it can recall information once you know how to ask the right questions to get the answers you need, when you need them.

I hope you understand how that works now.

Mind-Movies and Visualization can help you to master any skill you desire to master, so please consider this my present to you helping you to learn or master anything you want in your life.

Here is to your success, and I hope that I have answered your question, “What is Complete Mind Therapy, and How Does It Work?”

If your have found the information in this post informative or useful please feel free to leave a comment below as we love feedback from our readers.

-Dr. Carl

Does Smoking Hypnosis Work

Smoking Hypnosis Works…

One of the most common questions we are asked here in our private practice “The Complete Mind Therapy Insitute” here in Stoneham, Massachusetts is “Does smoking hypnosis work? Can I really quit smoking using hypnosis?”

Well most smokers are slaves to the filthy habit of smoking. Slaves because smoking is an addiction, and quitting smoking cigarettes is said to be as hard as kicking a heroin habit. Most smokers whether they are willing to admit it or not hate the fact that they smoke, and would live a happier and healthier life simply by giving up the cigarettes.

But quitting is not easy. And we all know about the health issues that smoking cause, unless of course we have been living under a rock for the past forty or so years. Even the moderate smokers experience some symptoms related to their smoking.

Have you ever found yourself short of breath while climbing a set of stairs? Woke up from a sound sleep with a persistent cough? Had an itchy throat and coughed until you spit up that phlem?

But, that isn’t the worst of it. The World Health Organization has estimated that tobacco use is responsible for nearly 5 million deaths per year. Like that isn’t enough to make a logical person quit. But we keep right on lighting up. It is estimated that nearly 6.5 trillion (6,500,000,000,000 and that is an awful lot of zeros) cigarettes are sold annually. But let’s break that down a little bit further shall we? That is 17,808,219,178 cigarettes sold each and every day, 742,009,132 cigarettes per hour, 12,366,818 per minute, and 206,133 per second.

There are so many reasons that you should quit:

  • saving money (the average smoker that smokes one pack of cigarettes per day) at an average of $12.85 in New York spends an average of almost $4,700 per year. Can’t you think of a better way to spend your money?
  • To live a healthier and happier life
  • Healthier skin
  • For your husband or wife and your children or granchildren
  • To be able to be more active and productive in your life
  • And the list could go on and on…

But, if most smokers have a desire to quit, if they have all these reasons and more to quit, know just how bad smoking really is for them, what is holding them back, why don’t they just quit?

Well simply put Nicotene is an addictive drug, and that addiction like most addictions is both a physical addiction as well as a psychological addiction. An adiction rooted deeply within the subconscious mind. And the triggers that cause us to light up are just that. Triggers. Some of us light up when we are stressing about something, or we might enjoy a cigarette right after a meal or even after sex, others might light up every time they sit down in the driver’s seat of the car, or maybe a drink or two triggers that desire for that cigarette and that is just a couple of the many things that can trigger the esire for a cigarette and they are all tied to a subconscious trigger or a thought that cause that craving.

But, what if you could quiet that haunting little voice in your head? Or maybe be able to change the way you think about smoking,, rather than linking the cigarettes to positive situations can you turn that around and associate the cigarettes to negatives? A common practice in hypnotherapy is to link the negative aspects of smoking to the subconscious triggers. When that happens the smoker can then quiet the evil little voice prompting you to light up that next cigarette.

Now that can be accomplished either with the help of a professional hypnotherapist or by means of self hypnosis.

Why is it so hard to quit smoking?

Of course quitting smoking isn’t the easiest thing to do, and there are some real reasons why. As I have stated earliier on Nicotene is addictive. And by the time most people think about quitting they have been smoking. As a matter of fact I once read that the average smoker may have to quit nearly 30 times before they ultimately succeed. Of course understanding that most people need to try over and over again can lessen the self-disappointment one might experience after a failed attempt.

Once you have made the decision to quit and after the first couple of days your body finally realizes it is missing the nicotene you may begin to experience withdrawls and those withdrawls are no fun, and are sometimes enough to get some to cave in and go back to smoking.

Some of the symptoms of nicotene withdrawl are:

  • Nausea
  • A Sore Throat
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Randon aches and pains
  • Mental frustration and sluggishness

Now these are the most common physical withrawl symptoms, and although they are not pleasant to go through, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The mental addiction to nicotene is just as difficult if not more so to deal with than the physical effects. It is this mental addiction that go on within our subconscious mind that hold us hostage to that nicotene addiction. Remember that it is those subconscious triggers that urge us to light up. It is this mental battle that cause most smoking cessation aids to be ineffective. These therapies whether they be “the patch” “nicotene gum” “vaping” or whatever these things only deal with the physical aspect of the addiction.but do nothing for the mental urges, and as I explained it is these triggers that usually cause us to reach for the cigarette in the first place, and unless we deal with those triggers they remain very much in place. To truly succeed in quitting you need to battle the mental demons within.

So How Can Hypnosis Help You Quit Smoking

Well we have covered most of the key points as to why we smoke and why it is so hard for us to quit. But there is hope once we better understand how hypnosis can help us to deal with the mental addiction, and reframe our subconscious mind. The subcoscious is where all change begins.

In your current state you experience certain stimuli (the triggers we spoke about earlier) and these stimuli cause you to act or behave in certain ways, it may cause the craving for that cigarette. It’s not your fault that is justt the way your mind currently associates certain things with certain responses. You simply react to the stimuli.

But hypnosis can chnage the inner most thoughts and reactiions to those stimuli. This is done by carefully leading you through a series of breathing exercises and relaxation techniques designed to help you to reach a trance state. The experience may seem to some like daydreaming, but your subconscious is at a heightened state of awareness. Yet at the same time your conscious mind is relaxed and disconnected. While in this trance state your subconscious is much more receptive to suggestion. In this state you can be reprogrammed whether it is done in a professional hypnotherapy session or you can accomplish the same results using self-hypnosis. This reprogramming cann change the reactions to the specifc triggers that now cause you to light up. In this state the mind listens to the suggestions that you have chosen and reframes the subconscious to believe that you will be successful. This new belief is the same way the placebo effect works. A patient is given a placebo drug and told that it will have a specific effect, and altough it is nothing more than a false drug it has the effect that they were told it would, why? Because that is what they expected that is what they believed. Well hyonosis is very similar, if you believe it will work you success is much more likely.

The hypnotist will provide your subconscious with better alternatives to the stimuli that you currently react to by lighting up. You can control your mind, and you can control your reactions, an it all starts with the reprogramming of the subconscious, and that reprogramming is done through hypnosis.

There was a psychiatrist by the name of Herbert Spiegel that popularized a hypnotic technique called the Spiegel Method. It was his belief that the therapist in an effort to help a client quit smoking that he would deliver three repeated suggestions in his script during his session:

  • Smoking is poison
  • You need your body to live
  • You should respect your body and protect it

With this method he did not focus on quitting smoking, but focused on respecting the body, and this proved to be extremely effective.

Now as we wrap this up I want to go back to the beginning here if I may so we can finally answer the original question, Does smoking hypnosis work?

The short answer of course is “Yes”. All the research that I have done leads me to make that statement with a high degree of certainty, but it is conditional. In order for hypnosis to help you to quit smoking you yourself have to first desire to quit. Without that desire you are bound to fail. There is no magic in hypnosis, no magic pill. It simply is what it is. If you just have the feeling that you shoul quit, but really would rather not, well in all honesty, don’t waste your time, because you will just end up disappointed. But, if you are really ready to quit then hypnosis can be an extremely useful tool.

If you have enjoyed this post or found it helpful please leave us some feedback below, we love to hear from our readers.

-Dr. Carl

What Is Hypnosis and How Does It Work?

The Truth About Hypnosis

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis. So, let me begin this article by asking you a simple question.

When you hear the word hypnosis or hypnotist, what comes to mind? Well, if you’re like most people, these words may conjure up images of a sinister stage-villain who simply by staring into the eyes of an unsuspecting victim can put that person into a mind controlling state. This is a Hollywood Myth. A blatant outright lie.

The reality of it all is that hypnosis bears little resemblance to that type of stereotypical depiction. In fact as a professional hypnotist practicing for the past 7 years I can tell you that, “The hypnotist does not hypnotize the individual. But merely serves as a coach or tutor whose job is to help the person become relaxed enough to enter the trance state of hypnosis.”

Hypnosis is often described as a sleep-like trance state, it is better expressed as a state characterized by the focused attention of the subject, with a heightened level of suggestibility and vivid imagination. Although it may seem that people in a hypnotic state often seem sleepy and zoned out, the fact is that they are in a state of hyper-awareness.

In psychology, hypnosis is often referred to as hypnotherapy base on its therapeutic applications, and has been used for a variety of purposes including such things as the reduction and treatment of pain, helping a subject to lose weight, or quit smoking, or deal with any number of fears or phobias. Hypnosis is usually performed by a trained therapist who utilizes visualization and verbal repetition to induce a hypnotic state.

There really is no mystery about hypnosis.

Anyone can learn how to induce trance on another or even on themselves.

But, for a minute here let’s go back to the evil stage hypnotist example. I have a friend of mine who is a Stage Hypnotist in Las Vegas, yes, he made it to the Big Time. I actually love to go to his show when I am in town, and the first time I went I was encouraged by the friends I was with to go up onstage, I of course declined citing professional curiosity, although over the years I have seen many stage hypnosis shows. But we did go back and see his show again about a week later and that time I did in fact go up onstage.

The concept of stage hypnosis is that the show is supposed to be fun, both for the participants on stage and for the audience. Now the hypnotist might start out with 25-30 people on the stage, but will quickly narrow that down to 10-12 good participants, those who are the most susceptible to being hypnotized. Now the reason for that is simply the entertainer has a responsibility to the audience to put on a quality show. The participants that remain on stage may be encouraged to do some pretty outrageous things, (I have a copy of the video of the performance that I was involved in and that video remains locked up in my safe where no one will ever see it). But, as the show wrapped up he made a spectacle of me. Now a person will not do something while in hypnosis that they wouldn’t normally do, so why did I make a fool out of my self onstage? Well, when I went up on stage I had agreed subconsciously to submit myself to whatever would happen and all in good fun. So in other words I let down my inhibitions for the evening trusting that things would not get out of hand.

So, what is hypnosis really like?

Now I am often asked what a subject can expect to feel while in a hypnotic trance, well there really is no text book answer for that question because the experience of hypnosis can vary dramatically from one person to another. While some hypnotized people report feeling a sense of detachment or extreme relaxation during their time in the hypnotic state yet others even may feel that their actions seem to occur outside of their conscious volition. And even others may remain fully aware and able to even carry on conversations while under hypnosis. So as I said there is really no right or wrong answer but when subjecting yourself to hypnosis just realize that it should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

How can Hypnosis help me?

Well, to best answer that, let me start off by summing up some of the most common uses of hypnosis:

  • The treatment of a chronic pain in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • The treatment and reduction of labor pain during childbirth
  • The reduction of some of the symptoms of dementia
  • Hypnotherapy may also be helpful for certain symptoms of ADHD
  • To reduce the nausea and vomiting in cancer patients who are suffering while undergoing chemotherapy
  • Control of pain during dental procedures (as a matter of fact this method is practiced by many dentists)
  • Alleviation of symptoms association with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

And that is just the tip of the iceberg why people might decide to try hypnosis? They may seek out a qualified hypnotists to help them deal with or alleviate chronic pain or the anxiety caused by medical procedures such as dentistry, surgery or childbirth. Hypnosis has also been used extensively with great success to help people with behavior changes such as quitting smoking, or losing weight, (two of the most popular requests).

So, now the next most common question I am asked about hypnosis and the process:

How do I know if I can be hypnotized?

I often have discussions with people who have said, “I just can’t be hypnotized!” And there are a lot of people that think that they cannot be hypnotized, but that is simply not true. Research has shown that a large number of people are more hypnotizable than they believe. So let’s take a look at some of those statistics.

  • 15% of the populus are very responsive to hypnosis.
  • Children tend to be more susceptible to hypnosis than do adults.
  • Approximately 10% of adults are considered difficult or impossible to hypnotize leaving the other 90% in the category of hypnotizable.
  • People who can become easily absorbed in situations are much more responsive to hypnosis.
    • Have you ever been reading a good book and didn’t want to put it down?
    • Have you ever been watching a television show and had to go to the restroom and found yourself saying, “I’ll just wait for the next commercial.”
    • Have you ever been engaged in an enlightening conversation with that new love interest?

Well my friend you have experienced a form of trance state (otherwise known as hypnosis).

So, if you are interested in being hypnotized, it is important to remember that you should approach the experience with an open mind. Research has suggested that individuals who view hypnosis in a positive light tend to respond better,

It is unfortunate but I have had clients that come to me from time to time asking for my help to get them to quit smoking cigarettes. Smoking, of course, we all know is not good for us, and that we should quit. But some people are just not willing to quit. These meetings always begin with a counselling session of sorts, and the first question is always the same, “Why have you decided to try hypnosis as a means to quit smoking? And in all honesty some of the answers I get amaze me. The people who respond that they really want to quit an have tried other methods an been able to quit but eventually went back are actually great candidates for help in quitting smoking by means of hypnosis. On the other hand those who say something like, “Well my wife or girlfriend told me I need to quit” are less likely to achieve long range success. The reason being of course that the change is not really THEIR desire but someone else’s. So, if you are seeing a hypnotherapist to help you change a situation in your life because someone else said you should an you really don’t care to change your long term success will be highly unlikely. The hypnotist cannot force you to change, you have to desire that change in order for any hypnotherapy to achieve long range success you as the subject have to be willing and desiring that change.

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